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Many residents of Twin Palms vouch for its popularity in the Palm Springs area as a quiet, laid-back community that tends to its members’ needs. The locality offers a varied mix of rustic, mid-century homes and contemporary architecture. The mid-century homes previously built several decades ago have been remodeled and thereby restored to their former glory days. Consequently, they present an aura of refinement that to an onlooker; appear to have withstood the ultimate test of time. Twin Palms is an offshoot of Palm Springs’ quest for immaculate offers to its diverse residents. As a result, the former upholds the latter’s high standards in bespoke and awe-inspiring home designs.

The Homes in Twin Palms feature a minimum of two bedrooms and up to four bedrooms with a matching number of baths. They also offer ample living space and common areas spanning between 1200 sq. ft. and 2900 sq. ft., with the floor plans factoring in the breathtaking views of the now famous San Jacinto Mountains. The homes also feature private spas, multiple garages, depending on the size of the home, and gas fireplaces to keep everything toasty in colder months. The starting price for most homes in this area is about $220,000, with the priciest being just shy of the million-dollar valuation. The sizeable lots also ensure you have adequate floor space to engage in your chosen hobbies or activities. The covered courtyards also provide a heated, yearlong space that you can maximize. Evidently, everyone can have a slice of Twin Palms’ homes since they cater to individual and family needs in an attractive setting.

Even vacationers can sample Twin Palms hospitality. The vacation-styled homes are also available for hire from the residents of the exclusive community. Its locality is ideal for hiking, where you can put your soles to great use, while experiencing the great outdoors. Moreover, its proximity to Palm Springs means you do not have to fret about getting supplies in order to fix a meal. You can also organize a visit to El Paseo, a scenic location that is very vibrant, yet homely. Alternatively, how about stepping out occasionally to indulge in the fantastic gourmet available at Palm Springs?

The hotels and restaurants there are always teeming with activity and offer daily specials, where you can eat to your fill- not recommended though, unless, you have an ample supply of antacids! For instance, the rainbow chard is a yummy delicacy prepared to rev up your taste buds. Interestingly most first time vacationers openly admit to having been taken aback by the illustrious display of excellence that Twin Palms homes present and the friendliness of its hosts. Avid travelers who have stayed in pricier locations should try out this pocket-friendly option. You will quickly note the great pride and care that residents take in Twin Palms. Indeed, this quiet getaway serves the interests of residents and guests. Perhaps, you can then make an affirmative, yet informed decision regarding Twin Palms’ suitability as your new home.

William Krisel may not ring a bell in most people’s minds, but, he was the brains behind the design of Alexander homes that dot the Twin Palms landscape. This mid-century style has been a big hit among prospective homeowners seeking a unique and inspiring style for their homes. Generally, the houses feature rectangular designs in order to maximize open spaces, with the main differences being the varying choice of roofing styles on offer. For instance, the soaring butterfly roofs provide a semblance of living in a naturalistic pad that is fully attuned to its surrounding.

Additionally, the high ceilings provide sufficient space for excellent clerestory windows that enhance the lighting in the home, thereby acting as an energy efficient compliment to your home. Central heating is a basic addition to these beautiful designs, as is the inclusion of fireplaces in case you would desire to set up a romantic dinner for your spouse or girlfriend. The arts program recently set up is a rich addition to the Twin Palms community as it is designed to nurture the minds of the young ones who are passionate about the arts field.

Overall, Twin Palms is the idyllic oasis dotting the Palm Springs landscape and a sure winner in the real estate market. It’s pocket friendly homes offer, without cutting corners, all the necessities that are a prerequisite for modern living. Therefore, it is a convenient, yet striking proposition for potential homeowners on a budget or those simply desirous of a quiet, easy-going life.

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