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Dreams are mostly out of touch with reality, but when such dreams shine their spotlight on the “luscious” homes that constitute Tuscany Heights, reality is unearthed. While Southern California is home to some of the most idyllic real estate, Tuscany Heights is high up on the totem pole. This magnificent wonder exhibits great panorama, with the desert valley in full view of the homes in this community. The natural boulders around the homes in this locality blend neatly into the landscape.

When the glare of the sun and the robin blue skies give way to dark starry nights, Tuscany Heights residents bath in the reflected glory of an environment richly steeped in nature. Palm Springs is a bastion of creativity, a fact that is fully exemplified by the homes in Tuscany Heights. These futuristic enclaves feature a grand range of amenities and fittings designed to provide value for the residents’ last dime. More of these qualities in a bit but first, it’s important to highlight the minds behind the setting up of this elaborate gated community.

There is no better way to achieve desired results from a project than by entrusting it to experts who are well-versed in a given field. That’s why Oliphant and Williams Associates Inc. have been the lead designers and builders of Tuscany Heights Estates. Their fifty plus years of expertise in the field is a clear validation of their reliability, rigor and professionalism. As a result, their reputation has earned them a place on a pedestal that few other firms, if any, can reach. The firm is truly a trusted brand in the Californian real estate market, specializing in the high-end niche. Their knowledge is unparalleled while their vision behind the Tuscany Heights community is unquestionable.

The homes in Tuscany Heights feature vaulted ceilings, which give the homes an antique disposition while enhancing their texture and overall feel. The entryways to each home are located on a sequestered cul-de-sac, thereby offering the utmost privacy to residents of Tuscany Heights. Residents can entertain guests in the spacious family rooms or dine and wine with friends and family in a serene environment. The homes also offer dreamy and spacious master suites, a collection of Viking kitchen appliances that are world-renowned for their quality and sturdy performance. Moreover, the homes provide a unique aura of calm that is attuned to the desert landscape in the surrounding.

The housing units feature three expansive bedroom suites, walk-in-baths and dual or triple vanities in the bathrooms. The floor plans offer either premium carpeting or desert-themed tiles that are at one with the surrounding. Moreover, the wrought iron chandeliers are a mesmerizing addition to individual rooms. The backyards feature ultra- modern pools that are customized to the needs of individual homeowners. Additionally, the Pebble Tec finishes give the pools a tantalizing appeal, while the yards offer indigenous landscaping features such as cave boulder finishes. Interestingly, some homes even feature outdoor beds, meaning one can unwind outdoors on a cool afternoon. Evidently, this exotic enclave is closely in touch with nature.

Nature has its intriguing way of offering a calming effect on a particular setting. In fact, when one is at one with nature, they can intuitively commune with it and thereby benefit from the refreshing effect it provides. For instance, a hike in a natural reserve or hiking paths can uplift one’s mood, thereby minimizing depressive episodes. In children, nature’s effects are staggering. Studies have indicated that children who are more exposed to the outdoors are less prone to behavioral disorders, are healthier and less stressed than those who spend most of their days indoors. It’s no wonder that most exclusive neighborhoods feature naturalistic compliments in their design. Moreover, homes in leafy surroundings have higher asking prices than in other places. Tuscany Heights is no exception, with homes in this community selling at upwards of a million dollars.

Organize a tour of Tuscany Heights today and get a firsthand account of the magnificence, structure, and décor that are a hallmark of this distinct community. Only 15 mini-estates are available in this address, a testament to its exclusivity and privacy. As an ascetic address, each home is painstakingly designed to offer an authentic appeal even to the casual observer. Should you be one of the lucky residents, you will enjoy a luxurious experience that is second-to-none.

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