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The Springs Country Club was established in 1975 and ever since, up to date, it has had made some impressive and significant mile stones. It grew at a reasonably fast pace from just a local country club that basically entailed a place for the affluent population in the society to the reputable and plush resort it. The country club has capitalized a lot on its location, it is situated near popular shopping centers and hotels, and the scenery is simply beautiful. The springs in Rancho Mirage are just out of this world and it is a guarantee that there is something for everyone.

This is the just the ideal spot for anyone looking for a place to relax after a stressful working period or just a nice and private vacation for the family. Getting a private membership will give an individual access to more privileges. The experience at this country club is simply divine and each moment should be spent having fun and a little bit of self-indulgence. People spoiling themselves and their loved ones once in a while is totally acceptable and also a crucial ingredient for inner healing and tackling stress.

Looking at the estate of Rancho Mirage one thing that cannot go unnoticed are the houses in the springs country club whose price range fall in the price bracket of $350,000 to $1.1 million. Some of these residences have been renovated and fitted with top notch finishing details. The weather is just fabulous and the location splendid. These work harmoniously to make the experience of been in this region unforgettable.

The Rancho Mirage properties do stand out and done with intricate features and finishings that will leave anyone smitten without a doubt. This is not what the spring’s country club only has to offer. There is much more. The exuberant social life and the bee hive of activities that take place is really what spices up life in this country club. The joy, warmth and energy add to the natural beauty of this resort. Golfing, tennis and quality food, it is all there. Whether an individual is an extrovert or an introvert, their unique needs have been greatly considered with the diverse array of activities available.

A good quality country club comes along with an equally good golf course. The spring’s country club golf course does not disappoint. It has an 18 hole course with a fantastic view of the San Jacinto that are situated strategically all round it. The golf course meets all required standards after having been designed by renowned architect,

Desmond Muirhead, who is an expert in that particular area. His work is celebrated all over the world and he has designed over 100 courses earning him the title of the most creative golf architect of all times. The course is eye catching and also has been made with various levels of difficulty to make the sport more interesting. It has eight holes that are along water bodies and the landscape has some an uneven sections. Generally the entire field is suited for amateurs and professionals golfers as well.

For those who are not keen on playing or watching this sport, there are other activities that the guests or members could enjoy. It has a state-of-the-art tennis indoor arena that is well equipped and has the best equipment that are needed for this sport. It has gone ahead to earn itself a spot in the list of the ten best tennis facilities in the country. There are 11 patronage tennis court in the arena, five courts with artificial lights for night games and an additional two clay courts.

Apart from this conventional tennis courts the country club also has two paddle tennis courts. On top of this, there are also shuffling boards and basketball courts to mention just but a few. For the party lovers, the social life is lively and energy packed.

The Springs Country Club house a club house that can comfortably accommodate a large number of guests considering its 48,000 square foot dimensions. Following its recent remodeling, it offers style, comfort and entertainment as well. The architects have out done themselves in ensuring that the glamor inside the club matches its outside. The landscape will simply blow your mind away. From its manicured lawns to the artistic details, it’s just splendid.

This is one of those rare destinations that have it all under one roof. From entertainment, to high class sports and the peaceful and relaxing aura, this is a destination that is worth visiting. The price range caters for different budgets and hence one can afford to have fun and still be within their means.

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