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The Movie Colony overlooks Old Las Palmas and is in proximity to the nerve center of the community’s nightlife- Palm Springs. Its location in a prime spot makes it an ideal place to own a home. In fact, The Movie Colony continues to uphold its time-honored tradition of offering exquisitely designed and tastefully furnished homes in Hollywood’s vicinity. In fact, the community has been home to a good number of Hollywood’s stars, especially those actively engaged in the film industry- the likes of Cary Grant and Harry Cohn.

Would you fancy a home in a locality that boasts of expansive park areas? The Movie Colony boasts two parks and about 200 homes, with each intricately designed to perfection. The different floor plans available ensure that prospective homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a home that suits their individual preferences. The inclusion of tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts ensures that the divergent needs of the communities are catered for in an unassuming environment. Additionally, the children have access to play areas. Essentially, the expansive area around The Movie Colony ensures that members can make the most of the outdoor spaces as they would the indoor living areas. Therefore, whether a resident needs a morning jog, a meditative enclosure, or to engage in a refreshing sport, The Movie Colony has all these bases covered.

The time-stamped Mid Century designs are a common feature of many homes in The Movie Colony. Similarly, Spanish-oriented villas, and mini estates dot the landscape in this pristine hideaway. Most notably, entertainment is the fodder of nearly every community in California, an aspect that has been fueled by the vibrant media industry led by Hollywood. Consequently, Palm Springs’ communities are an embodiment of a lifestyle deeply steeped in entertainment, a quality that spans nearly 85 years. An interesting addition to homes in The Movie Colony is the inclusion of casitas- detached structures that offer complementary value to homes. These value-additions enhance the home’s privacy while bolstering independence. For instance, residents use them to host guests, thereby offering the latter with a taste of the refined tastes in Palm Springs. Alternatively, the casitas can double as extra living rooms and office space for telecommuters. Overall, the casitas are a distinct addition to homes in this community that enhance the zing and options available to residents.

The tree-lined streets in The Movie Colony enhance the natural character and appeal of the locality, especially when the trees are in full bloom. Additionally, the mix and match combination of roses, palms, grevillea and other forms of shrubbery provide a unique twist to the flora that is present around each home. Avid gardeners can stay busy on weekends as they spruce up their gardens in this exotic paradise.

Most of the homes in The Movie Colony command an asking price in the $500,000 to $2.5 million range, meaning that even the modest buyer can find viable prospects in this idyllic neighborhood. What’s more, for families with school-going children or little teenyboppers can access some of the finest educational institutions within the community’s vicinity. Ideally, the choice of a home depends on a number of factors, chief among them being the proximity to learning facilities. It beats logic to buy a home in a community whose only claim to fame is the entertainment spot that residents can access. Therefore, the great school district provides an important aspect that parents should include in their checklists while prospecting for a home.

Essentially, The Movie Colony is one of the ideal locations for anyone looking forward to raising a family. Its proximity to downtown is an alluring prospect for adventuresome family outings and tours of the surrounding desert landscape.

Does a Hollywood-themed lifestyle provide an appealing prospect to you? Then, The Movie Colony would be the perfect choice. Its proximity to downtown Palm Springs offers a convenient solution for your entertainment needs. Further, as the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood provides the pizzazz that the young are constantly searching for. However, remember to keep your feet on the ground even as you enjoy the diverse offers available at Palm Springs, lest the entertainment scene swallows you whole. A balance between nature-filled getaways and the nightlife will help keep the avid thrill- seekers urges under wraps. To that end, for anyone seeking a first home or an opportunity to upgrade, the homes in Movie Colony offer a vast ensemble of amenities designed to satiate the tastes of the most demanding cherry pickers.

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