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The Mesa is a real estate enclave ingrained in rich and sparkling history. It dates back to an era in the early 20th century when gated communities were not in vogue as they are today. As part of Palm Springs located to the South of this jewel, The Mesa is a classic establishment that exemplifies a long-standing commitment to high quality homes that has weathered the storms of life, quite literally. It embodies Edmond Fulford’s (a name that is frequently thrown around when The Mesa’s tradition is the subject) founding vision that emphasized uniqueness, exclusivity, and closeness to nature.

While its current home in Palm Canyon may not have been originally envisioned-it was meant to have sat at the foot of the San Jacinto Mountains-, it still stands out as a bespoke, gated enclave. The idea was to have a common entry point into the community, although this did not materialize. To date, it stands astride as an iconic and eclectic community. This artistic paradise is also an escape from the norms that characterize city life, by offering a laid-back approach to living.

Additionally, the Mesa stands at close quarters with Tahquitz Canyon. The legendary canyon that is steeped deeply in folklore boasts a 60-foot waterfall, rock art that is reminiscent of the natives that once inhabited the area, and irrigation ditches that are an earmark of the ancient era. Rumor has it that Tahquitz, a legendary figure in the area, could cause thunder, and cannibalized residents! Not to cripple you, but all this is merely heresy, neither here nor there. However, the mystic surrounding this legend provides the ambiance for this mountainside escape.

The atmosphere in The Mesa fosters camaraderie between neighbors and the site of neighbors catching up after a morning stroll or jog is a common site. In fact, even the neighborhood organization in The Mesa is quick to emphasize the same tenets. This family atmosphere is also a feature that has set the community apart from most other areas. The quiet, secure streets are also an added delight to the trappings of this standout locality. Clearly, the aspects that this community stands for are in stark contrast to the qualities of other uninviting neighborhoods in different places. Human beings are meant to be social and it beats logic to be stuck with neighbors that you cannot engage in meaningful banter with or take a dip in the mountainside pool. Besides the enclosures(homes) that people find themselves entrapped in, often times, it is the simple things such as sharing a cup of coffee that matter most and make life worthwhile.

That said, the Mesa address commands a median listing price that is just shy of the $1.7 million mark. The city lights are in clear view from the vicinity of The Mesa and the panoramic view of the mountains is simply breathtaking. It’s no wonder that while it is still in proximity to Palm Springs, it seems like The Mesa is stuck in a world of its own. Interestingly, newer houses set in this vicinity offer incredible amenities designed to make them stand out independently. These royal additions boast of up to 10,000 sq. ft. of living space and command an asking price of about $14 million. As a result, only a select few can access them, upon which they can expect mind-bending finesse.

To date, The Mesa stands distinctly, with its ultimate mark of quality emblazoned across its face. The architectural styles of yore, which have since been remodeled, bespeak of an elegance that can only be experienced in The Mesa.

If you desire a slice of this dreamy address, your opportunity beckons. The Mesa is encased in Mother Nature and offers the best to families. There are a few homes listed on this address. If you are ever in the area, organize a viewing with a local reality and get a first hand glimpse of the grandeur that this address offers. While at it, be sure not to miss the jagged mountain peaks that slice the sky in the distance. Also, check out the colonial villas of an era gone by and the ranch houses of yesteryear, standing besides recent architectural additions. Ultimately, The Mesa merges the present with the past to bring out a futuristic appeal that today’s generation can enjoy.

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