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The Madison Club is a beautiful community located in La Quinta, California, that offers about 500 acres of park space. The area has plenty of beautiful green areas and numerous bodies of water. This is all located in a spot surrounded by the amazing mountainous reaches the California desert. This area also has an exclusive golf course that is only available to an extremely limited number of people each year.

Prominent Homes

The homes at the Madison Club include many properties that have been designed with large bodies that are suitable for many family needs. The Madison Club has 193 homes with 19 villas as of the most recent build out. These homes date back to 2007 and include values of $3 million up to $10 million. Custom home site values can also be found for as little as $900,000.

The homes here include plenty of great accents that create an elegant look that is stunning and different from what one might normally expect. Every home is designed with intimate and luxurious features that add to the overall quality of one’s experience out here.

The home sites are also elevated to create some beautiful looks. These elevated features also add to the overall curb appeal of the properties around the region.

The homes are on sites that are about three-quarters of an acre in size on average. These sites are accentuated with many shade trees and various private lighting setups.

Amazing Golf Options

The Madison Club, like other properties around La Quinta, is located near many golf courses. However, the Madison Club stands out from those other places thanks to the Tom Fazio golf course that is found right here.

The Tom Fazio course is a well-designed place at the Madison Club that features some of the most attractive holes in the world as well as a large number of beautiful private communities. This is a very exclusive area that has limited itself to having just 225 property owners in the region. This makes the competition process for getting into the club quite appealing and limited to only the most committed figures.

The community has golf dues of $33,000 per year. These dues are to help support the upkeep of the Madison Club course and to ensure one’s membership in this extremely exclusive club.

There are many other courses all around the region to explore. These include clubs in La Quinta, Indian Wells and Palm Desert.

A Beautiful Clubhouse

A clubhouse is also available to those who are reserving their own stays at this amazing location. The clubhouse at the Madison Club has five member suites. This is ideal for short-term visits by both members and for guests who are approved to come out to the area. This is a popular point of living that all will certainly enjoy taking advantage of while out here. Proper approval is typically required for all those who want to come out to the region for their entertainment needs though.

Other Great Amenities

The other amenities that can be found around the Madison Club include some of the most attractive private spaces for residents to enjoy. The region is home to a fine spa that offers many treatments throughout the day. A full resort swimming area is also included for members and residents to enjoy during all times of the year.

A golf performance center is also included. This is a place that people can visit when working to improve upon their general golfing skills.

Custom Homes Are Available

The entire community has become a hit thanks to the many popular developmental opportunities that are available around the region. With lots being nearly an acre in size on average, there is plenty of space for people to use when getting their own properties ready. However, residents will have to be fully aware of what is available in the region when finding good options for their living desires. The choices that are available include many options that will fit in perfectly with the desires that people may hold when living in the region.

People who are looking for the finest in luxury living should see what the Madison Club has to offer to them. This high-end luxury living community is an amazing place that will offer some of the most unique things that everyone can explore. It makes for a fascinating place for everyone to explore.

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