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Tennis club offers exclusive housing units for Palm Springs Tennis Club members. This harnesses the benefits of sporting activities and the camaraderie of communal living. This neighborhood also boasts a rich history steeped in the San Jacinto Mountains’ silhouette. Tennis Club residents capitalize on the benefits attributable to the hiking trails in their area by engaging in organized hikes. Overall, the Palm Springs Tennis Club features a remarkable 11 courts, outdoor pools, board games, a spa area, gaming room, a massage parlor and best of all (for some people, meaning it’s subjective), Spencer’s restaurant- a very popular eatery that offers extremely tasty treats. Tennis Club offers the ultimate deal for anyone seeking an opportunity to learn the sport, or one looking to stay fit, with the added benefit of co-owning a piece of this haven.

Homes in Tennis Club fall in the $400, 000 to $1.6 million price range when listed. However, the median closing price of homes in Tennis club is about $330, 000. As a rule, sales price is the best indication of the expected cost of a house, not its listing price. Essentially, sellers usually list their homes at a high price in an attempt to reap the most benefits. However, once a suitable buyer is found, the negotiation process leads to a reduction in price. Therefore, bear that in mind while scouring the market for great deals on a home and do not be dissuaded by high listing prices. It is common for homes to shed up to 20% off their listing price by the time a sale closes.

The Tennis Club, as the title suggests, is a vibrant sporting community in the Palm Springs vicinity. This cloistered community facilitates its members’ involvement in Tennis, while upholding their privacy. Individuals who might desire to engage in sporting activities but are frazzled by the glare of the spotlight or prefer to lead a more reclusive lifestyle should weigh this investment offer. Tennis Club is a trendy address where tennis lovers can complement their sports activities with other available options such as nature walks in the neighborhood. After a hard practice session on the court, residents can take a dip in the pools at the Palm Springs Tennis Club pools or at home, since private pools are a standard feature in most homes in this community. The canyons lying below this community offer an intriguing, yet mesmerizing addition to the mountain views that characterize Palm Springs.

Tennis Club real estate is a wondrous community set in a desert atmosphere that spans the entire area surrounding this locality. It provides an alluring array of treats that any perceptive, fun loving resident can enjoy at home or downtown. This Palm Spring community offers the best nightlife and the opportunity to shop in quaint surroundings. The homes in this community also boast of unmatched value to property owners and are an ideal investment for anyone looking for a first, or even second home. The exclusivity that is a common feature of most clubs ensures that Tennis Club homes are a secure dwelling place and that a family’s need for utmost privacy is met. Detailed accounts of this area show that the Tennis Club vicinity has one of the lowest rates of crime in the country, which is a welcome relief from the drama that characterizes many neighborhoods in the US.

The vaulted ceilings in many of the homes in this community and the inclusion of clerestory windows enhance the homes’ resource use by enhancing natural lighting, while also providing an expansive view of the mountainside. The resplendent view tends to bring the San Jacinto Mountains right into your living space. The Tennis Club community sits snuggly at the bottom of the mountains. Most of the units feature 2 or 3 bedrooms with respective number of baths to suit every home, private parking bays and spas. Moreover, the professional designs of individual homes are distinct and match the different tastes of various homeowners.

Overall, tennis is the main, but not the only aspect featured in the Tennis Club atmosphere. The inclusion of additional amenities at Palm Springs Tennis Club augments the overall experience. That way, an individual can hone different skills, while enjoying the delectable after-sports activities and delicacies in one of the most reclusive locations in California. You can organize a viewing with a local realtor in order to sample the exclusive offer available in this club and thereafter become part of this star-studded community.

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