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Do you have an ideal spot in mind where you can down a martini in Southern California? Ruth Hardy Park offers a relaxing haven where you can enjoy a poolside drink after a long strenuous day in the office. The homes in this location offer a kosher, laid-back approach to modern living that beckons the young business professional or expert in a give field. However, it’s not just a matter of fun and games at Ruth Hardy Park.

The quality of a home in a given area is an important consideration that first time buyers should make prior to purchase. Even if you are simply headed out, looking for a vacation rental, always try not to compromise on quality since most luxurious homes boast high asking prices. Ruth Hardy Park’s proximity to downtown Palm Springs makes it a popular choice for the fun-loving vacationer out to rent a home for a limited or short duration, or even those enjoying a lengthy leave of office.

The homes in Ruth Hardy Park command an asking price within the $400,000 to about $2 million range. As a result, the homes are designed to suit the budgets of most aspiring homeowners. The $2 million tag seems pricy, but when you factor in the host of amenities available to such homes, then it becomes apparent why such is the case. Nonetheless, when individual homes have the appeal of a mini-estate, they justify their price tags. What’s more, when a locality has previously been home to the likes of Frank Sinatra, it becomes evident the standards of quality represented in such a setting. The homes in Ruth Hardy Park also offer elegant furnishings in Mid-Century designs. Even to the casual observer, homes in Ruth Hardy Park are akin to those pictured on the covers of favorite real estate magazines.

The range of homes available is also diverse. Buyers can choose from cottages, cabins, and condominiums, to villas and mini-estates that offer sprawling amenities such as pergolas, immaculate lawns, and misting systems. The enclosed porches on most homes offer relief from the sun’s effects while the pool areas are a lavish addition that offers splendid views of the mountain and desert below. The homes also feature tiled or carpeted flooring in their interior, heated spas, and carports.

Exercise enthusiasts can take a bike ride on the paths within Ruth Hardy Park’s vicinity or play tennis on the public courts offered in this pristine neighborhood. Residents can also organize communal barbeques where they can interact within the confines of a secure community. Alternatively, the gym areas are ideal place to burn some fat or build some abs, while the children’s open parks offer play areas, which are ideal for their growth, physical and intellectual development. Spas provide the perfect beauty treatment while the pool areas are expansive enough for entire families to take a dip. Apparently, anyone residing or vacationing in Ruth Hardy Park can have a slice of the community’s pie since it encompasses the divergent needs of individuals. Ruth Hardy, from whom the community is christened, was a devout council member who pioneered the adoption of futuristic building approaches. These innovative designs are a hallmark of the Ruth Hardy Park community.

In the evenings, the robin blue skies give way to a golden silhouette of the sun’s rays behind the San Jacinto Mountains. The distant view of the desert at this time is simply stunning. Ruth Hardy Park is also centrally located in Palm Springs, which offers ideal opportunities to shop, dine out sample the nightlife. In order to curtail urban sprawl, the community members uphold a restrictive ordinance, which is a legal order barring the proliferation of uncontrolled developments. As such, most houses only feature a ground level and at most, adopt single-story designs. The variety of trees in the area also adds some natural character to the quiet, serene streets while beautifying the community.

Residents also have the option of upgrading the facilities in their homes so that they provide a fulfilling and true reflection of their individual preferences. Moreover, the area around Ruth Hardy Park boasts top elementary schools for the little boppers.

Overall, Ruth Hardy homes are sprawling “mini-estates” of sorts, owing to the range of private amenities available to individual units. The community caters for family and individual needs in a secure, unassuming, and authentic environment. For the cherry pickers out there, Ruth Hardy Park’s house listings provide an ultimate and affordable solution that is tailored to your housing needs.

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