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Have you ever been to a locality that was very easy on the eye and provided an inviting appeal? Old Las Palmas is one such locale. Its inception dates back to the 1920’s when most global economies were trying to rebuild after the effects of the First World War. The period earmarked the establishment of a luxurious community nestled in Palm Springs, CA. Old Las Palmas existed long before contemporary designs could be time stamped as Mid-Century or renowned architects could play their part in the redesign of these timeless masterpieces. At present, the locality is a distinct community that is far-removed from its humble beginnings as a citrus grove.

The mention of Old Las Palmas would be incomplete without highlighting some of the celebrities (actors, movie directors, writers, industry leaders…) that have at some point, either vacationed or owned a piece of this glorious haven. These include Sidney Sheldon, Joseph Barbra, William Powell, Harold Robbins, Sidney Korshak, Jack Warner and George Randolph Hearst. These are but a few of the big shots that have prized Old Las Palmas. Evidently, this locale must be having its ducks in a row, right? Otherwise, how would it justify such an ostentatious list of celebrities? As such, living in such an address commands a matching price tag. If you can shell out between $900,000 and $7 million, then a unit in this neighborhood will be yours for the taking.

Wait until you learn about the architectural geniuses behind this address. Quincy Jones, Palmer and Krisel, to mention but a few, are some of the high profile personalities behind Old Las Palmas. If the locality were a brand, then it would definitely be among the fortune 500 companies in the US. The landscape on this plush address boasts of exquisite and detailed emerald, exotic fountains, sprawling walkways and additions intent on providing the perfect blend of fashion and nature.

Additionally, when celebrity’s livelihoods and homes are at stake, it is likely that a community would not spare an expense in enhancing the security around its neighborhood. In this regard, Old Las Palmas invests heavily in automated security systems for homes in this vicinity. That, coupled with the gated community that comprises the locality, and the guarding facilities at the community’s disposal, make a perfect way to safeguard the surrounding.

The remodeling of older homes in Old Las Palmas has restored their gleam and pizzazz, while merging the creature comforts of contemporary living and the old-style of years gone by. It’s also understandable why may potential homeowners in this locality are hawk-eyed regarding the available lots and homes in Old Las Palmas. After all, who would not want to brag to their peers about owning a celebrity’s former home?

Onto matters regarding beautification- Old Las Palmas has instituted a beautification committee that is charged with enhancing the overall patina of this address. Among the initiatives the committee has undertaken are the paving of a median with gravel and boulders, and landscaping of the desert area to maintain the oasis. Moreover, the community’s association takes proactive measures to ensure good neighborliness. For instance, residences are urged to inform their neighbors of anticipated construction that would disturb their peace. Further, to maintain the tranquility in the area, the committee advises residents to schedule gardening activities during weekdays so that they can enjoy a noise-free weekend.

Old Las Palmas is the ultimate provider of homes that offer zing and have a rich heritage spanning many years. The long list of “who’s who” in Hollywood and other major industries that have lived in this locale is quite a marvel. It’s little wonder that this Palm Spring address continues to evoke strong emotions by virtue of its close associations with America’s stars. The address also boasts various amenities that range from a golf course and a children’s museum, to a tramway that leads to Mt. San Jacinto.

Do you believe you could be part of this exclusive enclave that is at the heart of Palm Springs existence? While Old Las Palmas, as the term suggests, is a dated neighborhood, the standard of care that goes into sprucing up this address and maintaining its high standing is unimaginable. The pride that residents have in their homes, neighborhood, and the entire Palm Springs area is a clear indication of the value of this setting as prime real estate.

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