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Imagine living in a place with wonderful weather all year round. Imagine living close to the open desert. Imagine living near the soaring mountains. Now imagine that a single place combines all these things. It sounds absurd – but it’s not. If you choose to live at Morningside Country Club, you will be able to experience just this. The club experience you will get here will mean that you will always be able to get the most out of the community.

Morningside Country Club is idyllically situated in the region of the picturesque California resort city of Rancho Mirage. Those who have the chance to make their homes here will have the chance to look out over wonderful vistas of snow-topped mountains, including Mt. San Jacinto and Mt. Gorgonio. These views in themselves would be enough to take almost anybody’s breath away – but the club offers a great deal more than just beautiful surroundings.

At the heart of the club’s grounds is the eye-catching and elegant clubhouse. This sits at the center of a Signature Golf Course designed by none other than Jack Nicklaus himself. This 18-hole masterpiece was the very first desert resort city golf course in Southern California to be designed by the Golden Bear. Despite its superb layout, you won’t find it becoming overcrowded, no matter what time of day you wish to play. That’s because the bylaws of the club restrict the full membership to just 300, ensuring a comfortable, relaxed ambiance for all patrons.

There are a number of country club and private golf experiences scattered across the Palm Desert region, but this must surely be the best of them all. The course extends across a 155-acre site, with the grass perfectly manicured throughout. Water forms a major part of the area, with the lake area being a full 20 acres. Of the 18 holes, no fewer than 14 have night-time illumination, while the bentgrass greens are something found in fewer than 10 other courses in the area.

Perhaps the course’s most stunning feature is its array of flowerbeds. Each fall, gardeners go to work and plant up to a quarter of a million individual blooms. The rewards for all this effort become clear the following year, when the entire course becomes a blaze of color, with outstanding displays of flowers all across the course area.

Many people who take an interest in Rancho Mirage Real Estate are keen golf enthusiasts, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else to do here. Morningside Country Club offers a wide range of other activities, including tennis. This popular country club activity is especially well served here, with a total of six courts – five hard and one clay – backed up with a pro shop stocked with everything you’ll need. Add to that an efficient ball machine and professional staff who are always on hand, and playing tennis here becomes a pure pleasure.

The tennis facility is exceptionally well located, with yet more flowers surrounding the area. There are also a number of trees to provide cool shade and a refuge from the summer heat. It’s hardly surprising that, with such an outstanding setting, the club’s tennis facility has become a firm favorite with tournament organizers. All through the season, there are pro-am, inter-club, and other competitions.

There’s more: the Morningside Country Club also offers a truly impressive training and fitness complex. This newly built area offers the very latest facilities. The wonderful Coachella Valley is, of course, visible from here, as it is from everywhere else on the site. Inside the fitness facility, you can select from a wide range: there are mat Pilates classes, massage therapy sessions, and a full post-op rehabilitation program. There are also sports-related exercises aimed at tennis and golf players, yoga, and water aerobics.

Let’s be honest: Rancho Mirage Real Estate isn’t something you can pick up for chump change. But it’s truly worth the investment, given that it offers an utterly unique experience that will last a lifetime. Prices for the properties featured start at a little under $600,000 and run up to slightly over $2 million; of course, there are plenty of intermediate options. With its enormous range of amenities and that quite extraordinary golf course, there’s no doubt that Rancho Mirage Real Estate really demands a closer look.

Maybe you’re looking for a high-quality country club-style escape, or perhaps you’re simply in the property market. Whatever your needs, there’s no better place to be than Morningside Country Club. There are those amazing views from all round the site, that wonderful golf course, Pilates, yoga, tennis… the list is almost endless. With that in mind, the only decision you need to take is to sign up right away.

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