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It is most people’s lifelong desire to live in a secure, comfortable home. Other people prefer to stretch their limits by sampling the best that life has to offer in terms of homes. Mirada Estates provides an appetizing prospect for any homeowner’s visual palette. Picturesque homes dot the landscape in Mirada, with the surrounding environment comprising of unparalleled views of the wilderness. Mirada denotes “view” in Spanish- a sneak peek of pictures of the area quickly attests to this assertion. Beautiful sights from every angle encompass the community.

Mirada Estates offers a selection of stylishly designed homes, each uniquely designed to the owners’ tastes. The structures are of high architectural integrity as credible developers put them up. Few lots remain, where you can recreate similar or even more magnificent homes in a serene, upscale neighborhood. A few customized homes are also up for sale and present a viable alternative. However, given the popularity of the estate, the units are in limited supply. Therefore, in case you wish to purchase one, it would be prudent to do so urgently in order to reap the most benefits from your new home.

The Mirada community comprises of small, closely-knit families with adults in the 45 to 65 age bracket being a majority. Most notably, about 27% of Mirada residents are under 20 years old. This latter category comprises of school going children and teens, thus arousing the need for credible learning institutions.

The Mirada community is surrounded by highly reputable schools for the young ones such as Howard Caden and Cate School that are within close proximity to Mirada Estates. As a result, children do not have to contend with a long ride to school and back home. The schools also boast a low student to teacher ratio, implying that your children receive adequate attention in school from their teachers and have an ideal learning environment.

When parents feel confident that a given community accommodates their children’s learning needs, they can confidently purchase a lot in the community. By extension, Mirada Estates caters for the youngsters needs, without disregarding their parents desire to unwind in the comfort of upscale homes.

The security of a particular locale is often a major consideration for would be homeowners. As such, people often seek out secure neighborhoods. Mirada Estates offers ample security for home or lot owners seeking to set up their dream residence. That, coupled with utmost privacy in a tranquil environment is a dream come true for many. Therefore, Mirada residents enjoy their lives without the nagging thoughts of insecurity that characterize other areas in the country. Perhaps, it may explain why very few lots are available within Mirada Estates or neighboring communities. This attractive quality sets up Mirada as a prime attraction for homebuyers.

Mirada Estates provides a vibrant lifestyle, especially in light of the amenities surrounding the estate. From concierge services to exquisite hotels within reach of Mirada, residents can indulge in life’s pleasures at their convenience. Nested high above the desert, the mountain view ignites the feeling of being trapped in a timeless capsule of fulfillment, where little else matters.

A slice of this magnetic paradise costs about $750,000 for small-sized lots with a ceiling of about $6 million on the extreme end of the luxury scale. A visit to Mirada Estates will quickly reveal the rationale for such pricing- the scenery is mesmerizing while the environment is meticulously cared for, thus providing every reason for you to consider buying a lot or home in the estate.

Lot prices in Mirada and surrounding areas have been rising over the past year despite the fact that in other areas, prices have stagnated over time. This is a clear pointer of the interest in Mirada estates as a select, prime location for potential homebuyers. Based on current market prices and the market trajectory, you can rest assured that your investment in a home in Mirada Estates will be worth a fortune in years to come. Therefore, should you ultimately consider to move to another location (which is unlikely consideration what Mirada offers), you will get a high return on your initial investment.

Do not be left on the sidelines. Book an appointment for a guided assessment of the lots or homes on offer. You will discover that Mirada Estates provides ideal options for you.

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