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Admittedly, most people have imagined at some point in their lives what it would feel like to live in a grand setting- one that features exclusivity, is set against the backdrop of mountainous terrain, and experiences favorable climate. It seems like a far-fetched dream, right? The Marrakesh Country Club is one such glorious setting in Palm Desert that offers remarkable living conditions, a homely atmosphere, and a community that many would give anything to be around.

Palm Desert’s founder, Cliff Henderson christened the club owing to its topography and terrain. Specifically, it features snow-capped mountains that are a joy to watch, especially in the glistening rays of the sun. Its sandstone wall also depicts striking similarities to a region in Morocco named Marrakesh, from which the club’s name was coined. Similarly, the club’s history dates back to the late 60s, when it was set up over a span of eight years. Despite being in existence for about 40 years, the club still stands as majestically as it did back in the day. In fact, its luster seems to have increased over time.

Marrakesh Country Club offers exclusive and plush homes that are an architectural masterpiece by John Woolf- a high end and globally renowned designer. The tastefully designed dwellings were put up with the preferences of celebrities in the film industry in mind. As such, their quality is impeccable, which provides an amazing appeal to would-be homeowners. The homes also boast high ceilings, some of which are up to 10 feet high, which enhances the houses’ aesthetic value. Indeed, homeowners in this community have a taste of royalty.

Depending on your individual needs or preferences, you can choose between the various house models available. It is common to find spacious houses that exceed 3,000 sq. feet or smaller ones that are about 1500 sq. feet. Spacious courtyards complement these homes and are ideal for outdoor activities such as family gatherings or parties. The inclusion of huge glass windows offers a panoramic view that spans the club’s golf course, the facilities in the club and the mountains bordering the community.

To that end, the club’s exclusivity ensures homeowners can enjoy their lush surroundings without being overly concerned about their privacy. Likewise, the emphasis on low-density housing means there are fewer homes in the area, which enables homeowners to comfortably retreat into their living spaces. That way, members of the Marrakesh Country Club are spoilt for choice such that even picky homeowners can satiate their most innate desires.

You can enjoy a swim in one of the 14 pools available in the community and spa treatments to take the edge of your busy work schedule. Indeed a little bit of pampering can go a long way in enhancing your life.In the event that you would want to host an exhibition or a special function, pavilions are available throughout the community for that purpose. You can also make your way to El Paseo, where you can indulge in the assortment of exotic, mouthwatering dishes available. Better still, you can browse in the shopping district for some of your favorite apparel or fashion items. Clearly, the community offers an expansive selection of activities and opportunities to maximize your life.

Golf is a mainstay of Marrakesh Country Club. The club would really be bland and misplaced if it did not feature a championship golf course. After teeing off, golfers can work their way around the 18-hole course, while enjoying the vista surrounding it, which ranges from spell-bindingly designed homes, to the rolling greenery inundating the landscape. As such, elite golfers can really enjoy playing on the course. In fact, holes 7, 9 and 18 are classics, featuring varying yardage that is challenging and exciting.

The range of activities on offer at Marrakesh is unparalleled. The heated pools facilitate year round swimming, meaning you do not have to forego your leisure. You can also work on your abs in the fitness center or catch up with a friend while playing tennis or croquet. Entire families can also engage in these activities, which are very appealing. You also enjoy your time in a serene and secure environment, since the community is gated and guarded.

Ultimately, the club is highly acclaimed due to its luxuriant appeal and expansive offers. Go ahead and organize a viewing of the community, and you will understand why many people crave a slice of this blissful community.

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