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Few artistically inclined people can resist the charm that historical artifacts hold. When such artifacts take the form of historic housing, they become even more appealing. Little Tuscany is steeped in rich history dating back to several decades in America’s pre-modern era. It also features contemporary homes that are neatly interwoven into the community’s fabric. In fact, Palm Springs has the distinct honor of hosting several stars in its diverse communities, a fact that Little Tuscany exemplifies. Elvis Presley once owned a home in Little Tuscany, a indication of the value that this prime location held in the past and still does. In fact, most people christen Palm Springs as the ultimate “playground for the stars.”

Little Tuscany features homes that were designed with the need to offer residents not only vast living spaces, but also unparalleled views of San Jacinto Mountains. It is also located within Palm Springs’ proximity, which is a convenient location offering a blend of quietness and a serene living environment that accentuates nature’s qualities. The large boulders that characterize the Little Tuscany hillside and its narrow streets located on a cul-de-sac offer an exclusive appeal to residents while enhancing their privacy. Consequently, this little paradise is one of the last remaining areas that exhibit great demand in Southern California. On average, the homes are available at a modest $400, 000 with the pricier options standing at $3 million. As such, new homeowners can still have a piece of the real estate cake in California.

The roomy, heated pools that are a common feature of Little Tuscany provide avid swimmers with the opportunity to relax and unwind at any time of year. Likewise, the homes in this little haven entreat residents with expansive floor spaces and super-sized lots. Hobbyists can use the extra outdoor space to hone their gardening skills or put it into other use such as hosting formal parties. The historically themed homes in Little Tuscany have been painstakingly remodeled in light of the need to fit in with modern customers who might not relish living in historic-like monuments. The refurbishments entail fitting the homes with upscale amenities and technologically advanced gadgetry. Being a Spanish enclave, Little Tuscany features Spanish-oriented styles that resonate with the residents’ way of living, while still maintaining a modernist allure. The newest additions to the locale are the exquisitely designed condominiums that feature single family living on two-level or storied homes.

The conducive year round climate in Southern California (where the winters are not too chilly and the summers are milder), coupled with the unique real estate it offers, prime the region as among the most-sought after in the US. When these ingredients (qualities) are put in a pot, and a serene environment, a superb desert view, and mountain ranges are added into the mix, it produces a scintillating concoction that wets the appetite of any urban dweller. Little Tuscany is the perfect embodiment of such qualities that make it an irresistibly appealing offer. Given its proximity to Palm Springs, Little Tuscany presents an array of adventuresome delights that entreat an entire family. The young can indulge in the playful activities on offer, while the older generation can enjoy a night out in the dazzling Palm Springs.

Life comprises of little baby steps whose cumulative effects is the realization of goals and one’s dreams. But, it starts with the initial step which may at times be mind-bending or simply uncomfortable. Admittedly, owning a home requires the same kind of exertion and while the first few steps may be wobbly, you can gain some stability and the much-needed traction to move forward. For some people, Little Tuscany may present that little first step.

Let go of the aversion that has been welling within and lay hold of this charming site. You do not have to feel hard-pressed to purchase the 3 million dollar home- very few people need such a house anyway. For starters, tailor your house needs to fit your budget, then you can ease through the property market in Little Tuscany. You will realize that even little packages offer great experiences that you can savor. The magic lies in something beyond the home that will complement your experience- such as the hillside setting of your home and the wonders that nature tucks in its pits, awaiting you to unravel. Then, will you be in a position to realize your dreams of a wondrous home.

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