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La Quinta Polo Estates is a fine gated community in South La Quinta that features an extensive variety of lots. Many of these lots include two or more acres of space each. These spots are popular for featuring an extended number of quality features. This community has been in development since 1988 and continues to be a popular place.

The community is home to many of the most popular places for living that anyone can enjoy. These spaces include some handsome homes that are very large in size plus an extensive number of private features for all residents in the community to enjoy.

Fine Homes of All Sorts

The homes at La Quinta Polo Estates include many old world Tuscan homes as well as some unique contemporary homes. These are all modernized and designed with some attractive features that are designed to be very attractive and appealing. The classic styles of these homes feature plenty of rock spaces and accents that create some of the most amazing appearances that all can enjoy having in their homes.

The homes include lots that are designed with many acres of land. In addition, these homes are custom-built in a number of cases. The lots that are available have enough space to actually fit two homes,zoning rules state that up to two homes can be fitted into each individual lot at La Quinta Polo Estates.

The sizes of these homes are also varied. These homes range from 4,000 to 9,200 square feet in size. These sizes will vary but there is more than enough room here for many of the activities that are available all around the La Quinta Polo Estates setup.

Each home is fully prepared with plenty of space to fit the needs of all its residents. Each home has its own fine architectural features that are paired with many additional modern amenities. Every kitchen is fully stocked and prepared for use while there are plenty of bedrooms for every person who wants to live in a spot.

In fact, many of these homes have four or five bedrooms and just as many bathrooms. This is ideal for large families or groups that are looking to rent out properties for many purposes.

What Private Additions Are There?

Some added private features can be found within many of these properties. Some properties will have their own private pools and sports courts.

Private garages are also available on many lots. These include some garages that can hold as many as six cars at a time.

Beautiful gates can also be included all around these properties. Strong and sturdy iron gates can be found around many of these properties. These are areas that will create some attractive looks while providing plenty of protective materials.

Plenty of Great Added Features

The added properties that are featured around La Quinta Polo Estates include many recreational spaces that are very popular among tourists who come out into the area. There are many walking trails around the region as well as volleyball and tennis courts, putting greens and large barns that feature plenty of stalls. There are also some fountains, ponds with fish and even fire pits all around the community for recreational and community-related events.

There are many fine parks and trails located all around the region. La Quinta has become popular for being a relaxed and beautiful space for living with plenty of wide open spaces for living purposes. These park areas are open throughout much of the day and are always well maintained by local authorities.

Of course, the region is also located near many fine shopping centers and dining spaces. La Quinta is known to have some enjoyable and thrilling spaces for one’s nightlife entertainment needs.

Near Plenty Of Golfing Options

La Quinta Polo Estates is also located not too far off from the many extensive golf courses that the region is known for. These include the SilverRock Resort, a prominent course that was the former home of the Bob Hope Classic. There are several other courses to look into as well with many of them being just a few miles away from the homes out here.

The La Quinta Polo Estates community is one that is amazing and vibrant. It features a number of beautiful homes and spaces that are attractive while providing a private place to live.

If you would like to see property at La Quinta Polo Estates, please call us at the numbers below. We’re committed to helping you find the home of your dreams.

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