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La Quinta Fairways is Located between the Dunes golf course fairways and the neighboring top-notch La Quinta Resort. La Quinta Fairways has a lot to offer including a number of world-class restaurants, cuisines, amazing real estate properties and a luxurious golf course. You will also enjoy the friendly environment, which has lots of facilities that can be accessed by the residents. La Quinta Fairways is a place worth taking a rest at.

History of La Quinta Fairways

la-quinta-fairwaysIt is believed that the earliest settlers of La Quinta were the Cahuilla Indians, 2,000 years ago. There are some petroglyphs that can be seen, which helps to determine the time the first settlers were in the area. During the 16th century, Lake Cahuilla, which covered the area, dried up. You can see where the shoreline once was along the mountain.

The 19th century, brought settlers who decided to farm sugar cane and cotton, as well as keep cattle. In 1926, the La Quinta Hotel was opened by Walter Morgan. The Hotel was initially meant to be a haven for the Stars of the Golden Era of Hollywood. The La Quinta city was later on incorporated in 1982.

Over the years, the area has had an array of people occupying it. Most are attracted by the unique climate, along with the elegant landscape. The Santa Rose Mountain Foothills is the core location of Coachella Valley, where La Quinta is found.

The La Quinta Fairways is in the Santa Rosa Mountains foothills. The area is recognized for the golf tournaments held and the overall elegant beauty of the environment.

The Population/Residents at La Quinta Fairways

The population of the city is gradually growing and in comparison, to when the first settlers occupied the area. It is not as populated like most of the top Cities around the country, but it has a good number of people. The area has about 13,645 people, which is not such a huge population. The median age for the settlers in the city is about 36. This implies that the area is flocked with more youthful residents than the older folks. Another common thing about La Quinta Fairways City is that 71% of the houses have children, meaning that, most of the residents are permanent residents.

The Golfing Community at La Quinta Fairways

The major thing about the area is it is well known for the golf championship events that it holds. This allows the lovers of golf to enjoy the environment as well. There are a lot of people who participate in golf, besides the championship events. Basically, there is a golf club, which makes it even more enjoyable for the golfing community. With the average age being around 36, there is a bigger golfing community. Generally, more middle-aged people participate in golf, which is a great thing for the lovers of golf around the area.

The Amazing Facilities at La Quinta Fairways

There are a number of messages that are given by highly trained masseuse at the La Quinta Resort and Club, so you will always have something to enjoy. The resort is only a few minutes’ drive from the La Quinta Fairways and the golf lovers can also enjoy the amazing golf course. There is the popular and elegant Dune Golf Course, which has been designed by Pete Dye. The designer is famous and has carried out an amazing work of the golf course. The Dune Golf Course is a great place to carry out public and championship golf events. You will also enjoy the environment that is quite conducive and safe enough.

The Real Estate Market at La Quinta Fairways

The real estate market of La Quinta Fairways is quite friendly and one of the amazing aspects is the cool climate and overall scenery. There are many houses to choose from for new and existing residents. You can enjoy the houses, which are located in different locations altogether. The location of the house will basically affect the overall cost on the market. If it is located in a more luxurious area, like near the golf course, it will have a higher price tag.

There are houses that range from as low as $499,000, while others go at more than $650,000. The price will always fluctuate and also, the size and facilities of the house will affect the price. Houses with pools or an extra land with palm trees will be more expensive.

Whatever type or size of the house you might want to purchase, you will be able to enjoy the entire La Quinta Environment.

Want To See Homes at La Quinta Fairway

If you would like to see any of the homes at La Quinta Fairway, please call Elaine Stewart at the number below. With over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, Elaine truly enjoys helping people in the process of buying or selling a home.

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