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La Quinta Country Club Golf Estates is situated near the desert communities of Indio and Palm Springs, and only a three-hour drive to the east of Hollywood. People usually differ on what La Quinta means, but one prominent meaning used in South America implies that the term refers to a set of complex homes situated in the city’s oldest district. La Quinta estate history dates back in 1959 when it was started as part of the resort.

The club was by then a pearl of the great desert. It attracted various politicians, celebrities, and high-profile golfers. One of such prominent people included President Eisenhower.

Five years later, the golf course was incorporated into the Palm Springs Golf Classic and later changed its name to Bob Hope Classic which is now known by the name Humana Challenge. Members, however, bought the club in 1977 to operate it as privately and member owned country club. For the last 48 years, the club has been hosting the PGA event.

La Quinta Country Club Golf Estates stands out compared to the other country clubs in the region. Its reputation runs from the old days of Spanish California due its natural beauty and a wealth history. The surrounding homes help form a magnificent community of ant condominiums and elegant houses.

The desert heats overcome the winter conditions to provide residents with 350 days of sun each year. Unlike other parts of the country that experience snow, La Quinta estates are forever under the blanket of blue skies. Other landmarks in the area that surround the hills of the golf course are such as the Santa Rosa, San Bernardino, San Gorgonio, and San Jacinto Mountains.

La Quinta Country Club Golf Estates course boast of 515 homes that are situated around it, as well as, the neighboring courses. People who opt to live in the area have the option of choosing condominiums and homes at Lago La Quinta, Montero Estates, and Golf Estates.

They border the fairways, but the Montero Estates, in particular, consist of custom built homes. A majority of the condominiums are undergoing remodeling to incorporate modern features that were non-existent in the 1960s and 70 when they were built. Prospective home owners should expect to find complete homes with a lot of modern facilities.

The costs of the homes are friendly and condominiums usually go for a minimum of $265,000 for a two bedroom house set on 1,750 square feet. The prices of homes vary based on their location and size, but ranges from $500,000 to multi-million dollars. Most of the condominiums and homes resemble the traditional Spanish hacienda style that features red tile roofs. There are, however, other several features that are modern and reflect on the contemporary life.

All the homes are unique in their own ways. They offer an adventure of luxuries characterized by unique facilities such as magnificent chandlers, hardwood flooring, hardwood cabinetry, vaulted ceilings, and classic glass and wooden doors.

La Quinta Country Club Golf Estates homes features enormous windows that you can use to look through and enjoy the scenery. Buyers should expect to purchase homes set on 3,500 feet square footage or more. They feature several baths, large rooms, and about four bedrooms.

Some of the homes have specialty rooms that can be used as libraries, offices, game rooms, and gyms. In addition to the above-mentioned amenities, the homes also have walk-in closets and ample storage that enhance their functionality to beyond that of other ordinary homes.

Some of the wonderful moments you can have at La Quinta Country Club Golf Estates is when dining, hosting weddings, private events, and political fundraisers. You can use the club to host special occasions such as parties and intimate dinners. There are dining rooms that accommodate 14 to 20, 48 to 78, and 80 to 150 people.

The two story clubhouse has various entertainment tools and provides a scenery view of the golf course. The Eisenhower pavilion provides a dinner space and dancing floor for 225-300 guests. Finally, there is adequate security and privacy that is facilitated by the gated communities and security gates.

Although the club enjoys a rich history of fame, its owners understand that keeping it modern is essential if it were to maintain its status. The owners have to maintain and continuously improve its facilities if they want it to retain its reputation in the area. Some of the recent improvements are such installation of floor lights, bocce court, and croquet lawn.

The lights provide light at night and members can continue practicing even after the sun sets. The new facilities lengthen a list of prime services that the club offers. The services are such as hair and nail care, and dip tissue massage. There is a fully equipped fitness center that offers Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chai courses with the help of fitness trainers.

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