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Do you fall in the category of the unique thrill seeker who believes that the uncharted territory is there to be explored? These people, may in marketing terms, be referred to as the early adopters who thrive on the thrill provided by something new. They are the ones who are unafraid of the novel vistas that new opportunities present. To them, new opportunities must be sought and fresh experiences savored. Well, the Estancias at South Canyon development will awaken the inquisitive giant in you, while providing a luxuriant, yet competitively priced offer. Once you have experienced this limited offer, you will be better poised to bat an eyelid at your peers and pose to them, “I told you this was the in-thing.” Better still, let them visit your new home and experience the offer first-hand.

Estancias at South Canyon will suit your interests, however ideal, like a hand in glove. The sparkling homes at Estancias, which in Spanish denotes an expansive estate, are a testament to Palm Springs long-standing tradition of unwavering excellence and reliability. The homes also encapsulate the technological gains made in the 21st century in terms of comfort, ambient living spaces and stylistic furnishings. You can choose from at least four floor plans, each of which caps the floor space at about 4400 sq. ft. It’s incredible to imagine the limitless possibilities for use that such space provides. By contrast, most homes in America cannot boast of such sprawling living spaces. Estancias fits an element of Spanish décor snuggly into the desert setting that constitutes the facility’s backdrop.

The amenities on offer in Estancias at South Canyon are unparalleled in most regards. For instance, the adoption of electronic management systems makes it possible to actively manage or control your home regardless of where you are on the globe. During the sultry summers, the central cooling keeps the homes serene while the forced air heating system weathers the effects of wintry months. At the mere click of a button, you can engage or disengage the electronic alarm system intent on keeping your home secure and your mind at ease. The community is also guarded round the clock, which offers the 48 homes on the precinct a guaranteed sense of safety and tranquility. Evidently, this community idealizes luxurious living through the array of features it offers. Residents may even opt of attached, or semi-detached guesthouses designed to leave any guest feeling at home.

You can spend quality time with family in Estancias at South Canyon or host formal get-togethers with your mates or business associates since your every whim is catered for. From covered patios and intricately designed pools to private spas and barbecue areas, Estancias is truly a bastion of exclusivity and refinement. This new kid on the block sitting beside the San Jacinto Mountains is primed to take on the best real estate offerings in Southern California while remaining competitive. Its proximity to Palm Springs also ensures your family and guests get a healthy dose of the finest in fun and adventuresome treats at any time of day or night.

Estancias at South Canyon is situated in a reclusive cul-de-sac, which offers maximum privacy to its few residents. You can simply recline on the patio without a concern on your mind as you soak in the cool breeze emanating from the San Jacinto Mountains. The homes also provide the perfect blend of comfort (in terms of the dazzling fixtures installed in all the areas) and elaborate living. The glass walls also offer a sliding feature that allows you to enhance the home’s aeration, while maximizing on the paradisiacal views of the desert and distant mountains.

Overall, the ultramodern development in Estancias at South Canyon offers perquisites that any novelty-seeking resident can enjoy. The safety in the neighborhood, technologically advanced amenities, and the competitively priced homes are a trifecta intent on maximizing the value of real estate to its residents. The dashing homes also feature a myriad trappings, with each designed to enhance the home’s functionality, while ensuring that residents have an enduring taste of some of California’s best real estate. In so doing, Estancias has truly redefined the art of perfection

Would you like a tour of the scintillating real estate in Estancias at South Canyon? This amazing locale provides an unmatched escape for your family in a suburb tucked neatly in the heart of California. Your young ones can also immerse themselves in one of the country’s best school districts, which would give them the perfect head start in life.

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