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Canyon North is emblematic of a prestigious community that takes pride in the refined art of golfing. Should you desire a community that puts as much effort into upholding the value of its outdoor space as it does its indoor living area, then Canyon North is the place to be. As a former country club, the facility still upholds its chic appeal by ensuring it does to negate it value proposition to residents. With that in mind, it is apparent why so many people have been enamored by Canyon North’s offer. When such an offer is complemented by a renowned shopping district in the form of Palm Springs, it becomes irresistible to homeowners who are desirous of a top class shopping experience in proximity to their homes.

When the need for splendor, functionality and high quality merge, they result in the design of fabulous regency-styled homes that leave nothing to chance. Further, when designs have to factor in the demanding requirements of some of Hollywood’s stars, they set up a completely new ball game. Perfection takes precedence, while mediocrity is quickly shown the door. Grandeur becomes the new normal, as Canyon North finds its place on the dinner table owing to its commitment to these highly-regarded values.

Furthermore, not many places in America can boast of being host to royalty, quite literally. Canyon North boast this rare feat, as it entertained two former presidents namely John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, as well as their spouses. Such acclaimed dignitaries would never vacation in a run-down community, as doing so would undermine their image and security. As such, Canyon North stands out as an adorable and exciting facility befitting any customer. The locality owes this acclaim to its continued commitment to providing unmatched, secure, and stately standards. The golf course on this property offers membership options that suit every member’s needs, leading to an all-inclusive golfing community. Additionally, the restaurants in the vicinity provide excellent cuisine, guaranteed to offer a gustatory delight to the pickiest of eaters. To cap it all, the Walt Disney fountain, a historic, yet gorgeous masterpiece in Canyon North attests to America’s resilience while providing inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s nearly impossible to recreate the plethora of nature’s unparalleled beauty. As such, nature’s grandeur can best be experienced in the soothing, relaxing out-door environment. In fact, most people do not have the luxury of going into the uncharted wilderness or enjoying the panoramic displays owing to their in existence in their surroundings. Canyon North offers a natural gem in form of scenic mountainous views, proximity to a desert valley through expansive trails that dot the Indian Canyon. A simple, leisurely walk on such a trail could just be the impetus your body needs to keep your creative juices flowing. When you are attuned with nature and your inner self (an aspect that Canyon North factors in its houses’ designs, décor, amenities and the general terrain), you can stay more active at work and be more productive. Consequently, the extraordinary rock formations, exotic waterfalls or skirted palms on the Canyon trails provide hikers with a distinct connection to nature.

At Canyon North, you can enjoy the remarkable highs of enhancing your golfing skills on a private fairway without being intimidated by wide-eyed spectators who cannot stand your gaffes. On the flip side, even if you hit a hole in one, you won’t have a horde of onlookers to gloat to, besides your playmates. Thankfully though, you can put in more time on the championship-standard fairways, which could pave the way for your entry to golf’s premiere club.

The paved walkways and manicured lawns at North Canyon are within walking distance of the desert environment around the facility. On slow weekend mornings when you are away from work, you can enjoy a walk around the scenic neighborhood, or better still, take your pup out for a walk. Such seemingly simple exercises can go a long way in enhancing your overall health, while upping the value of your residency at Canyon North when you make the most of the beautiful surroundings.

Give us a ring today, and we will be on hand to consult with you regarding the most suitable value addition to your life’s needs. Overall, Canyon North attracts the genius of the pristine society around it. Its long-standing values of high quality, tranquil homes, rolling emerald fairways, and a friendly community are an easy pick for any would-be homeowner within the Palm Springs area or anyone looking forward to relocating to the vicinity. Go ahead and lay a grand foundation for your family today by investing in a property at Canyon North.

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